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There are thousands of Rick Simpson Oil testimonials for relief from cancer video’s on YouTube praising cannabis oils for relief from Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and many other disease’s.
 NOTE: When they say “hemp” they mean “cannabis” or “marijuana.” Hemp contains virtually zero THC.
Dear Rick, I have to give this cancer testimonial, My family and I want to thank you for helping my husband to get better. The doctor felt that he had old age Leukemia, showing up in his blood test as a cancerous infection. After taking hemp oil for just a few weeks his new blood test showed great improvement. There is just light infection and he no longer needs to see an oncologist. He is now enjoying our new grandson and at age 82 is planning to be with us for a long time to come. Rick thank you again, may God bless you and keep you well.–Sincerely, T.T. ON Canada
 19 year old with cancer
Another cancer testimonial.  Hello, I have been talking to a friend of mine about your work with hemp oil and all of the health benefits that come with taking it. I almost have her convinced to try it but she wanted me to check and see if you have ever treated anyone that had Juvenile diabetes? Also a friend of mine here in N.B. has been taking the oil for approx 2.5 months now as a cancer treatment and he is doing great. He says that he is feeling perfect and that he can’t remember feeling this good for a long time and he has absolutely NO PAIN. Also a 19 year old boy from the community that has cancer just started taking the oil. He had been in bed for 3 days previous to taking the oil and had not been eating much of anything and was in a lot of pain and discomfort. The remarkable thing is that approx 20 minutes after taking a dose of the oil he got out of bed and walked out to the kitchen and asked for something to eat. Also that night he slept through the entire night and did not have to get up to take his pain medication. This is truly remarkable. On behalf of these 2 people and their families I thank you. And may God bless you all for your remarkable work. –THANKS AGAIN,
 Lung Cancer
Hello Rick this is [D] just letting u know that [he] has got his last ct scan back and the 4 growths on his lungs have stopped growing what great news to get after so much bad but the doctor said that there was still cancer cells active in his blood but we are still working and are going to beat this, he is one very happy man when he got the news that the ones on his lungs stopped growing. We just couldn’t wait to tell everyone and to write u and tell u and say that we THANK U for everything that u have done to help us in every way that u could u will never be forgotten to us, and also thank u for the contact in Midville the prices are much cheaper a tube we once again THANK U for everything and we hope u e-mail us back. THANK U FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.–D.M. NB Canada
I have advanced arthritis and numerous other boring conditions and symptoms, including continuous muscle and nerve spasms. During the initial five years of my diagnosis I was given over 50 different pharmaceutical medications. None of them worked to control my pain and spasms, but nearly all of them had debilitating side effects ranging from increased panic attacks to severe addiction…I have been using small amounts, usually an eighth to a quarter of an ounce I have been using this recipe for almost two months and it works. I am using it topically several times a day. My friend Doris is using it internally; she…also suffers arthritis. We both experience improved vision as a ‘side effect’ and it is a Godsend for pain relief. Doris’s 20-yr-old granddaughter was diagnosed last fall with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and went through standard chemo and radiation ‘treatments’. She suffered severe burns to her esophagus and was unable to take food or fluids. We began giving her the oil about six weeks ago. Her cancer is in remission, no sign of it. I want to thank you so much for making this film and for doing the work you do. I ask the Lord to bless you and to continue guiding your steps. You are my hero, Sir!–L.M.A. Vermont
 Breast Cancer
After just a few weeks of ingesting raw plant matter and taking [RSO] at night, the spider-web-like mass found in my left breast mammogram and subsequent ultra-sound, was nowhere to be found during the first scheduled biopsy. – Sharon Letts:
 Skin Cancer
I have been treating basal cell carcinoma,(skin cancer) with cannabis oil. The Veterans Medical Center Dermatology clinic was told before I started treatment, what I was going to do. I started treating two lesions on my forehead on 6/22/08. I went to the VA today at their request. THEY had made an appointment for me. This appointment was for the sole purpose of examining the two lesions I had treated. Two doctors examined me. They both said the same thing. The upper lesion still needed more treatment. This confirmed what I already knew. They both agreed that the lower lesion had been cured. One doctor said that he would not have ordered a biopsy on the lower lesion, because there appeared to be NO reason to do so. NO CANCER PRESENT. This is to me federal confirmation that cannabis does indeed have medical value. Both of these lesions had been biopsied, and diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma before I started my treatment.–J.S. TX
 Diabetic Amputation Threat
Have successfully made PTears here…So far so good and have had two successes with people suffering diabetic ulcers where both cases were quoted with amputation by the respective doctors. Both are fully recovered.–G. P. a
 Multiple Sclerosis
My friend with MS is really doing well. I have known her for years and what has occurred in the past month is miraculous. She is part of our local MS society and has led several of her friends to getting licenses so they can have medical marijuana (it is legal in our state). Now she is sharing about the oil and how it is not only helping her with the spasticity and pain, but actually healing her.–A.D.
 Discharged From Physical Therapy
Hey Rick,I just thought you would be interested in knowing that RFTC [Run From The Cure] has been running on our local cable access channel for a month now. The film has also shown at least once in the local high school that I know of. My friend with MS has been doing about a half of a gram a day for the last 3 weeks and she was discharged from her physical therapy today because of her “miraculous” improvement in – guess! ‘the last 3 weeks’.–A.D.
 Receding Cancer – More
We are amazed, you won’t believe this. The first hour of the first drop we could see it happening,,,,Today she has had about 3 dots three times and is very comfortable and almost out of pain for the first time in 6 months ,, She says she can breathe better, I have an oxygen blood meter, digital finger thing, she has been at 95 while sitting and as low as 85% AFTER WALKING 10 STEPS…today she walked 40 steps and it only dropped to 93%, Aaron (a Respirologist) says “Its a miracle, that means the cancer is receding already, Numbers are proof,” So I think she is going to improve so much in the next 9 days the when they scan her again for the new chemo kill fest , they will have to say its shrinking, and I think she will refuse chemo, and continue this course of action with the re- found Delta 9 THC Cancer Killer, thanks a million.
Things are going beyond good, improvement everyday. Her blood o2 has been normal now for over a month, 96 97% @ Rest / 95 96% Exertion, amazing. She has no pain at all, is on no opiates or any narcotics, sleeps all night, eats way more than I do, hasn’t lost a pound, mind is clear, spirits are good, she forgets how sick she was, she couldn’t even walk to the washroom without almost passing out, she was 90 92 % @ rest / 80 82 % exertion on January 22 2008, and was in massive pain since August 2007, She was diagnosed February 15th 2008. I saw the Run from the Cure Video on January 25, 2008, and had the oil made the next day…..She has improved greatly.. I know this is working, you wouldn’t believe it if you saw it, to day she was on the computer and the phone at the same time, makes breakfast for everyone, dinner, unbelievable.–J.MRick Simpson o

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