Green Giant Health Care provides healthy medical marijuana, we only provide the highest quality all natural organic nutrients to ensure the highest quality healthy medicine. You can rest comfortably knowing that we never use deadly insecticides or pesticides in any of our medicine.

Green Giant Health Care Is passionate about helping patients to have hope.  We only carry healthy medication, organically grown.  Rick Simpson oils have helped thousands of victims who suffer from life-threatening disease to find hope and healing.

Green Giant Health Care's mission is to provide a safe and legal method for medical marijuana patient’s to receive their medical marijuana medicine. We have a unique and specialized approach to providing the highest quality marijuana in the US. We offer a discrete and confidentiality service to protect your privacy. We desire to make it as easy as possible for patients to receive their marijuana medicine, so we will deliver the medicine to you within 60 to 90 minutes. 

Green Giant Health Care strives to provide an assortment of high-quality cannabis and cannabis products as most collectives do. However you will find that Green Giant Health Care does much more, we provide a safe delivery service that is fully customizable to the individual member.  Wherever and whenever usually in 60 to 90 minutes! Members may also set weekly or monthly delivery times schedules. We recognize the need for privacy of all patients and do not advertise when delivering your order.

Green Giant Health Care donates medical cannabis to the those who are in need. We believe everyone has the natural right to be healthy.  


Why Green Giant Health Care is different than other collectives.